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Sheet & Gasket



    The graphite tape is used for high precision CNC lathe to cut graphite roll into strip with special cutting tool, and then rolled into ripple through special pattern roller. Performance characteristics: 1. has excellent heat resistance and cold resistance. 2. excellent...

  • Expanded Graphite Rolls & Tapes

    Expanded Graphite Rolls & Tapes

    Expanded Graphite Rolls & Tapes Selected high purity natural flake graphite, after advanced chemical treatment and mechanical procedure. It has excellent properties such as thermal stable, resistance to corrosion and high & low temperature, fine elastic resilience,...

  • Graphite Sheet & Gasket with and without Metal Insert

    Graphite Sheet & Gasket with and without Metal Insert

    Graphite Sheet & Gasket with and without metal insert Made of pure graphite sheet or graphite sheet reinforced with different metal such as CS,SS304, SS316,etc.tanged, flat,mesh. It has excellent chemical stability, high strength, no cold flow etc. sealing properties. It...

  • PTFE Skived/Molded Sheet & Gasket

    PTFE Skived/Molded Sheet & Gasket

    PTFE skived & molded sheet Gasket KF-100 It is made by 100% virgin PTFE resin. It has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, insulation ability and low coefficient of friction. It can be used to make corrosion-resistant liner, lining and gaskets, etc. Size: MAIN PROPERTIES



    PTFE TUBE/PIPE/ROD PTFE tube/pipe/rod has molded and extruded type according to different manufacture process. With resistance to strong acid and alkali, high lubricity, anti adherence and ageing resistance, These products widely used in aerospace, machinery, chemical...

  • EPTFE Sheet & Gasket

    EPTFE Sheet & Gasket

    EPTFE SHEET & GASKET KF-3000 Made of 100% multi-directional fiber PTFE, it has Excellent chemical resistance, clean and no toxic, soft and flexible, easy cut into gasket, light clamping force to seal, low creep, etc. sealing ability. Suit for any type of flange and almost...

  • RPTFE Sheet & Gasket

    RPTFE Sheet & Gasket

    RPTFE SHEET & GASKET Made from high quality PTFE resin and special restructured material, though unique process .Rendering excellent action and eliminating the problems of creep relax and cold-medium. Applicable in hydrocarbons, acids, caustic lye, solvents hydrogen...

  • Mica Sheet W/Tangled SS304 or SS316 Insert & Phlogopite Mica Roll

    Mica Sheet W/Tangled SS304 or SS316 Insert & Phlogopite Mica Roll

    Phlogopite mica roll & Mica Sheet w/tanged SS304 or SS316 insert Made of good quality phlogopite mica, after chemical or mechanical processing, reinforced with fiberglass cloth or Stainless steel tanged sheet. Special suit for high temperatures and aggressive acids. Mica...

  • Non Asbestos Joint Sheet & Gasket

    Non Asbestos Joint Sheet & Gasket

    Non Asbestos Joint Sheet This product is made from Graphite, Armid fiber, Carbon fiber, Mineral fiber,etc.and NBR ,SBR, etc. rubber compressed and calendered under high temperature and pressure into a sheet form. It elimilnates asbestosjointingsheet essentially and...

  • Non Asbestos Paper & Gasket

    Non Asbestos Paper & Gasket

    NON Asbestos Paper Gasket PS-150 Choose synthetic fiber, inorganic fiber and emulsion, etc. non asbestos material, made into paper and vulcanized. It is idea material instead of asbestos paper and asbestos jointing sheet. It also can cut into filler of spiral wound gaskets....

  • Non Asbestos Composite Sheet &Gasket

    Non Asbestos Composite Sheet &Gasket

    NON Asbestos Composite Sheet Gasket This products compounded by Non asbestos paper and tanged tinplate sheet. Coated with graphite, anti-adhesive on both surface, Suit for make Cylinder head gasket,exhaust gasket, etc. Size: MAIN PROPERTIES

  • Rubber Sheet & Gasket

    Rubber Sheet & Gasket

    RUBBER Sheets & Gaskets Choose good quality rubber material, after rolling and vulcanized into sheet form. We can supply special size and special technical rubber sheets as requirements. All rubber sheet can be reinforced by cotton or nylon cloth or metal wire mesh....

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