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Types Of Carbon Fiber
Sep 03, 2016

High temperature processing, its carbon content over 90% of fiber material called carbon fiber. Carbon fiber types there are a number of ways, according to classification of raw materials, properties, processing temperature and shape. If raw materials can be divided into cellulose fibers of red (Rayon) and wood (Lignin) Department of Pan (Polyacrylonitrile); pitch (Pitch) Department of  phenol resin and  gas phase carbon fiber lines to six. If properties are divided into ordinary carbon fiber; high strength high-modulus carbon fibers and activated carbon fiber three. Ordinary carbon fiber's strength in the 120 kg/mm 2, the young's modulus (Young Mrs Elsie TU: Modulus) at 10000 kg/mm 2 are called; high strength and high modulus and strength of more than 150 kg/mm 2 modulus in relation to more than 17000 kg/mm 2 of.

If the processing temperature classification, it can be divided into inflammatory mass resistance; quality of carbon and graphite transfer three. Inflammatory mass resistance of carbon fiber heating temperature is 200~350℃, which can be used for electrical insulation; carbon quality carbon fiber heating temperature is 500~1500℃, available to electrical conductivity of materials with graphite carbon fiber heating temperatures of more than 2000 ℃, in addition to increasing heat resistance and electrical conductivity, self lubricating.