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Thermal Insulation Products Leading To The Emergence Of Greenhouse Effect
Jun 19, 2017

Thermal Insulation Products Summer, you are still too hot for the sun room how to do trouble? Modern architecture of the sun room structure more and more applications, these buildings can get full sunshine, but there are some limitations, transparent glass makes 80% of the sun directly into the room, so that indoor temperature, resulting in greenhouse effect , Sun room shade also came into being.

Thermal Insulation Products General sun room commonly used indoor sunshade to shade insulation, but the shade effect is not as good as installed in the outdoor products. Indoor shade can also block the sun radiation, but the heat radiation has been through the glass, the heat is still in the indoor after the product, the indoor temperature reduction effect as outdoor shade. Outdoor shade can block the heat radiation outdoors, but also can reflect a part of the light, can significantly reduce the indoor temperature.

Thermal Insulation Products The latest "shade artifact" dual motor outdoor curtain system and outdoor top shutter translation system is a typical sun outside the shade products, different from the traditional external shade products, these two products are running both positive and negative motor drive, Without any other auxiliary mechanism (such as spring, hydraulic, etc.), the transmission method using steel belt drive, the system is more stable; and can do a drag two institutions, or a drag more institutions,Thermal Insulation Products between the system leaves and track seamless Drag the two institutions track and track between the seamless connection; system for the finished product, factory production, the scene without debugging, installation is very simple and fast. In particular, the outdoor top shutter translation system is different from other external shade products, the use of dual-motor plus aluminum alloy curtain plate institutions, not only has a thermal shading effect, but also has insulation, noise, to ensure safety and other effects, product uniqueness Very strong.

Light insulation and refractory bricks and general refractory bricks compared to light weight, even within the cloth with small pores, high porosity. Lightweight thermal insulation refractory bricks are suitable for use in the temperature range of 900 ℃ ~ 1650 ℃. Light insulation heat insulation bricks of the product features: lightweight thermal insulation refractory bricks.

Light insulation and refractory bricks and general refractory bricks compared to light weight, even within the cloth with small pores, high porosity. Therefore,Thermal Insulation Products to ensure that the furnace wall to lose less heat, the cost of fuel will be a corresponding decline, light brick also means smaller heat storage, so heating and cooling are faster, allowing to speed up the cyclical operation. Lightweight thermal insulation refractory bricks are suitable for use in the temperature range of 900 ℃ ~ 1650 ℃.

1, lightweight thermal insulation refractory bricks of the product characteristics

1, low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, low impurity content

2, high strength, good thermal shock resistance, acid and alkali atmosphere corrosion

3, high dimensional accuracy

2, lightweight thermal insulation refractory bricks of the application

1, a variety of industrial furnace hot lining materials, such as: annealing furnace, carbonization furnace, tempering furnace, oil refining furnace,Thermal Insulation Products cracking furnace, roller kiln, tunnel kiln and so on.

2, all kinds of industrial furnace back insulation materials.

3, to restore the atmosphere furnace.

Polarized curtains through curtains on the temperature control fabric R & D and application, to significantly enhance the practicality of the curtains, so that curtains can not only shade sunscreen, the more cooling insulation.

At this stage of the market polarized light curtain fabric, mainly the use of nano-scale silver spray on the SUN film, and then evenly cut SUN film for the textile filament, and then the filaments and other fabrics together to Unique craftsmanship and equipment are woven into cloth. Shiny fiber with a metallic luster, the physical effect similar to the thermos bottle of mercury liner wall, can effectively reflect the light from the outdoor and ultraviolet light, the reflectivity of up to 99% or more. At the same time,Thermal Insulation Products this fabric can not only shield the outdoor overheating and supercooling temperature effect, the same can also be used in the indoor space, so that the air conditioning temperature and cooling effect is long maintained. The same purchase of curtains, if you can feel through the curtains Dongnuanxialiang direct effect, but also can indirectly achieve the role of saving power, why not?

Through the green planted can be said to be the most effective cooling tool. Data show that in the courtyard balcony planted grapes, morning glory, climbing tiger and some flowers, can be attached to the wall cooling 5 ℃ ~ 14 ℃, and indoor cooling 2 ℃ ~ 4 ℃. Like the green plant owners friends,Thermal Insulation Products you can try to do some "vertical green" at home, for example, let the climb along the plant attached to the wall, you can increase the coverage of green planting area, not only can effectively block the sun, you can block the heat into the The room, so that the interior can also be filled with the forest like the green and cool.

But in the layout of green plants also need to pay attention to, placed plants should pay attention to blank, it is best not to place every place full of Dangdang, through the grille, railings, etc., so that green patchwork. In addition, if the balcony wall covered with green plants,Thermal Insulation Products this part must be waterproof, or the wall will be due to frequent watering and wall moisture, wall off and so on. If the number of green plants, watering, it is best to brush a layer of waterproof paint as well.