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Thermal Insulation Products Improve Heat Utilization, Save Energy
Jun 08, 2017

The thermal conductivity of Tianyi airgel can reach 0.015w / m · k or less, much lower than the static air 0.025w / m · k at room temperature, with other materials can not match the thermal insulation effect, and low density, waterproof Retardant, green, anti-acid, corrosion resistance, easy aging, long life,Thermal Insulation Products which is unmatched by other traditional materials, the product has a high added value, it is called super insulation materials. This product combines superior sound insulation performance, is the building exterior wall, metallurgy, chemical industry, national defense, aerospace and other fields indispensable and efficient insulation materials. Silica aerogels, after mixing with the skeleton, become the best solid insulation materials.

Tianyi air gel insulation insulation products performance characteristics

1. Insulation effect for the traditional material 3 to 5 times, energy efficient;

2. Very low thickness can achieve the same insulation effect of traditional materials, heat loss is smaller, high space utilization;

3. Tensile, high compressive strength;

4. Excellent overall hydrophobic performance;

5. Insulation of the equipment at the same time,Thermal Insulation Products you can also play sound absorption noise, buffer vibration and other functions,

 Improve the quality of the environment, protect the equipment;

6. does not release any harmful gases, does not contain harmful substances;

7. Long life, with the building with the life.

8. The use of inorganic materials as raw materials, and mortar, wall and other good compatibility, sticky

  Reliable, to ensure the beauty of the building.

Application areas:

(1) building and indoor and outdoor insulation decorative areas

It is suitable for building energy-saving wall material. It is suitable for building energy-saving wall material. It is suitable for building energy-saving wall material. It is suitable for building energy-saving wall material.

(2) fire areas

Application of this material can significantly reduce the existing weight and volume of various fire clothing equipment, to extend the firefighters in the fire in the working hours, the use of this material produced fire blankets and other life-saving appliances, to a considerable extent, improve the probability of fire escape.

(3) important facilities protection

The use of this material to produce fire cabinets,Thermal Insulation Products fire doors and other safety protection facilities, can significantly reduce the wall thickness. After special treatment of this material, can also have a high strength, is the best choice for such materials within the facilities.

(4) home appliances field

This material is used in the field of electric appliances, can significantly save energy, reduce the size of home appliances, reduce the temperature of some of the appliance wall to make it better security.

(5) aircraft, ship field

The material has a low density, superior thermal insulation performance, is very suitable for aircraft, marine bulkhead insulation and other fields.

(6) automotive field

The material thermal insulation performance, excellent fire and flame resistance and other properties, while both excellent sound insulation damping performance, is ideal for car roof and body insulation.

(7) industrial areas

Industrial equipment and pipe insulation with good insulation measures and materials, can significantly reduce production costs and costs, improve the environment,Thermal Insulation Products while a better economic benefits. In today's world energy crisis, actively seeking and developing small, adiabatic performance, long life of the new insulation materials, is to improve the utilization of heat, energy efficient way.