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Thermal Insulation Products Has A Very Good Thermal Insulation Properties
Jun 30, 2017

Thermal Insulation Products Polarized curtains through the curtains of temperature control fabric R & D and application, to significantly enhance the practicality of the curtains, so that curtains can not only shade in the case of sun, can do more cooling insulation.

At this stage of the market polarized curtain fabric, mainly the use of nanoscale silver sponge on the SUN film, and then evenly cut SUN film for the textile filament, and then the filaments and other fabrics together to Unique craftsmanship and equipment are woven into cloth. Shiny fiber with a metallic luster,Thermal Insulation Products the physical effect similar to the thermos bottle of mercury liner wall, can be effectively reflected from the outdoor light and ultraviolet light, the reflectivity of up to 99% or more.

At the same time, this fabric can not only shield the outdoor overheating and subcooling temperature effect, the same can also be used in the indoor space, so that the air conditioning temperature and cooling effect is long maintained.

For the owners are in the decoration,Thermal Insulation Products the same purchase of curtains, if you can feel through the curtains in the direct effect of Dongnuanxialiang, you can also indirectly achieve the role of saving power, why not?

Through the green planted can be said to be the most effective cooling tool. Data show that in the courtyard balcony planted grapes, morning glory, climbing tiger and some flowers, can be attached to the wall cooling 5 ℃ ~ 14 ℃, and indoor cooling 2 ℃ ~ 4 ℃.

Like green friends, you can try to do some "vertical green" at home, for example, let the climb along the plant attached to the wall, you can increase the area covered by green planting, not only can effectively block the sun, but also can block the heat into the The room, so that the interior can also be filled with forest-like green and cool.

But in the layout of green plants also need to pay attention to, placed plants should pay attention to blank, it is best not to place every place full of Dangdang, through the grille, railings, etc.,Thermal Insulation Products so that green spots scattered.

In addition, if the balcony wall covered with green plants, this part must be waterproof, or the wall will often because of watering and wall moisture, wall off and so on. If the number of green plants, watering, it is best to brush a layer of waterproof paint as well.

As the insulation film pavement flexibility is relatively high, by a lot of friends and friends favorite, especially for those who have installed windows of the owners, it is very convenient.

Home glass insulation film can effectively prevent 99% of the UV, not only can keep the room cool and comfortable, but also can reduce the use of air conditioning and other cooling temperature control facilities, saving electricity costs and energy consumption. And then more important point is the environmental protection of the insulation film, harmless to the body.

Another point is the glass in the face of external shocks or the occurrence of blew, the splash of fragments easily hurt. The insulating film of the substrate is a tough polyester film,Thermal Insulation Products can be broken in the glass, the debris stick in place, effectively prevent debris splash injury when the body, while the insulation film also has a high degree of tear resistance, The glass strength after the film will be greatly increased, improve the safety of the room.

With the Chinese people for the continuous improvement of health requirements, improve the indoor environment, reduce decoration pollution has been more attention. Many families use the so-called new environmentally friendly building materials, although a single building material formaldehyde detection is not exceeded, but a variety of building materials together is very easy to produce formaldehyde superimposed pollution. Diatom mud is a natural material, itself without any pollution, but also has the elimination of formaldehyde, speech air, humidity control, fire retardant, the release of negative oxygen ions and other multiple functions.

Diatomite main components Diatomite thermal conductivity is very low, itself is the ideal thermal insulation materials, with a very good thermal insulation properties, and the same thickness of cement mortar compared, then the diatom mud insulation effect It's six times. Solid diatom mud,Thermal Insulation Products although in terms of all aspects are very good, but the market is still filled with a lot of "untrue" or "exaggerated" diatom mud propaganda.

In this still want to remind the interested friends of the owners, in the purchase of diatom mud products, for the business of the various claims, should ask for the corresponding test report to confirm. The most simple way to identify diatom mud is water absorption, the case of fire is not burning, do not have pungent odor.

With the national requirements for energy-saving emission reduction, and now most of the commercial housing to take insulating glass, that is,Thermal Insulation Products in the middle of the glass into the air, you can achieve effective insulation effect.

But now many old houses still retain the most primitive ordinary single-layer glass, the sun is poisonous when the sun, the house temperature will be high can be imagined, if the conditions, it is recommended that the owner of single-storey glass Do some local renovation, beautiful at the same time can also save due to poor insulation caused by energy consumption or waste loss.

In addition, can not ignore the window frame insulation. The window frame is responsible for supporting the main structure of the form, while the sealing and thermal insulation of the material also affect the window's thermal insulation. Therefore, if the insulation requirements of the higher owners of friends,Thermal Insulation Products in the purchase of windows, we should pay attention to the choice of better insulation performance window frame material. General steel windows and broken bridge aluminum window of the bees, insulation, heat insulation performance is better.

The sunlight caused by the temperature rise, with significant heat insulation effect, but also can effectively improve the wall moisture resistance, to avoid indoor condensation, mildew and other phenomena appear; and painted in the building wall, winter and Can prevent indoor heat to the outdoor distribution, with a significant insulation effect.

There is also a new type of glass insulation coating,Thermal Insulation Products through the special optical properties of blocking infrared and ultraviolet light, so as to achieve the effect of cooling. At the same time, with high light transmission and high heat insulation, without affecting the transparency of the premise of the glass, effectively blocking the sun heat, can also be applied to the car.

Currently on the market within the wall insulation paint better brand products are more music, Nippon Paint and so on. However, we must pay attention to the choice of environmentally friendly products, some insulation products also add cadmium, lead, chromium and other harmful substances, affecting health.