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Thermal Insulation Products Good Thermal Shock Resistance, Acid And Alkali Resistance
Jul 19, 2017

Light insulation and refractory bricks and general refractory bricks compared to light weight, even within the cloth with small pores, high porosity. Therefore, to ensure that the furnace wall to lose less heat, the cost of fuel will be a corresponding decline,Thermal Insulation Products light brick also means smaller heat storage, so heating and cooling are faster, allowing to speed up the cyclical operation. Lightweight thermal insulation refractory bricks are suitable for use in the temperature range of 900 ℃ ~ 1650 ℃.

Light insulation heat insulation bricks of the product features:

1, low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, low impurity content

2, high strength, good thermal shock resistance, acid and alkali atmosphere corrosion

3, high dimensional accuracy

Lightweight thermal insulation refractory bricks of the product application:

1, a variety of industrial furnace hot lining materials, such as: annealing furnace, carbonization furnace, tempering furnace, oil refining furnace, cracking furnace, roller kiln, tunnel kiln and so on.

2, all kinds of industrial furnace back insulation materials.

3, to restore the atmosphere furnace.

Good thermal insulation coating is a high-temperature equipment to achieve energy-saving emission reduction effect of an effective means, so a good thermal insulation materials for analysis and exploration of important significance. Brushing high energy-saving coating, thermal insulation coating show perfect,Thermal Insulation Products effectively improve the use of heat. Zhisheng Weihua ZS-1 high temperature insulation coating high temperature material practical application, heat insulation, heat transfer, energy conservation, improve energy efficiency.

New technology and new materials continue to push new, coupled with the aerospace, transportation vehicles, military equipment, petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgical, power, construction and other systems technology continues to upgrade, so for the use of thermal insulation material requirements are getting higher and higher , Not only in the use of higher temperature and more harsh corrosion environment, but also with a thin layer of thermal insulation, heat and environmental protection, anti-vibration, anti-fatigue,Thermal Insulation Products anti-temperature sudden change and resistance to erosion and other properties, the traditional Of the insulation material has been difficult to meet the requirements. With the continuous development of energy-saving technology to enhance, ZS high temperature insulation energy-saving coating came into being, a good thermal shielding, efficient energy-saving effect, energy efficiency and emission reduction efficiency is very helpful.

In order to avoid the heat dissipation phenomenon of high temperature objects, Zhisheng Weihua based on years of experience in the construction of energy-saving paint applications, design high-temperature objects on the brushing ZS-233 high temperature heat reflective coating,Thermal Insulation Products effectively prevent the absorption of infrared, reduce the unit time of heat conduction and Absorption, can be re-brushing ZS-1 high temperature insulation coating, calculated brushing a certain thickness, in the Zhisheng ZS-1 high temperature insulation coating surface in the brushing ZS-233 high temperature heat reflective coating, so specific Working conditions to calculate the best reasonable ZS high temperature coating construction program.

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