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Technical Requirements For The Manufacture Of Metal Wound Gaskets
May 11, 2017

Metal spiral wound gasket in the manufacture should follow the following four technical requirements:

1、 metal wound gasket wound part of the outer diameter should be 3 laps to 5 laps without filler metal belt, in the diameter should be 2 laps to 3 laps without filler metal belt.

2、 the metal wound gasket and the diameter of the outer diameter of the number of spot welding should be not less than 4 points, and can not have burned and not welded and other welding defects.

3、 metal winding gasket on the surface of the filler should be flat, and appropriate metal belt, the value of about 0.15mm ± 0.1mm.

4、 the metal spiral wound gasket on the inner ring around the ring should be removed from the burr.