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Raw Material Strict Control Of Quality
Aug 09, 2017

1 selection of Raw Material requirements

In order to ensure the quality of the bridge, the use of Raw Material for the bridge construction quality control, into the construction site

Of the Raw Material (including a supply and a control material) should have a factory certificate, material single, before entering the quality inspection

Measurement, comparison.

2 raw material test testing requirements and processes

1) a variety of Raw Material to be used after the first test.

(1) the contractor to use the Raw Material, into the construction site, according to the provisions of the batch and frequency self-test, inspection

Qualified to fill out the "approach materials inspection report" reported to the resident test supervision engineer audit.

(2) the resident supervision according to the number of inspection reports and the amount of materials according to the provisions of the frequency of sampling. Qualified material

To supervise engineers to issue entry materials.

(3) test test substandard Raw Material are not allowed to use this project, and limited to clean up the construction site.

2) resident supervisors should complete all the work of the spot sampling independently, and the implementation of test test side test system

To monitor the operation of the contractor's laboratory test and test work, and to test the authenticity of the contractor's laboratory test data.

3) The same kind of material on-site sampling more, should do the sample identification, logo content contains specifications, model, batch number, sampling location or use of parts and other information, to avoid confusion between samples.

4) On-site production of good samples should be promptly transported to the laboratory custody, to prevent damage or loss. For yes

Special temperature, humidity requirements of the sample, the sample should be stored in time to meet the environmental requirements of the sample room.

5) in the construction process for the engineering materials, at all levels of the laboratory to random sampling review test,

To ensure the quality of the material.

6) for a sample sampling failed, should promptly notify the contractor, double sampling re-examination. Re-examination

Is still unqualified, as the case downgrade or obsolete.

7) for all Raw Material testing, standard test, process test, on-site testing in accordance with the tender documents and regulations

Fan of the frequency of the test, so that all projects are in a controlled state, and to achieve quality standards.

8) with the third party to do a good job sampling test and acceptance test preparation work.