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Raw Material Rise Less Impact, Greater Profit Margins
Jul 10, 2017

Mechanical parts processing enterprises and general enterprises in the production, operators are very different. This is mainly because the parts processing enterprises are based on order production. Which determines the mechanical parts processing enterprises in the management, the procurement of Raw Material to develop a very important position. So, for parts processing enterprises for raw material procurement need to pay attention to what?

1, single product order raw material procurement strategy

When the sales department receives the customer's order, the production department needs to develop the planned production schedule according to the number of products displayed in the order and the latest delivery time. The purchasing department calculates the required Raw Material through the production schedule of the production department and the material structure of the production product. And the type of Raw Material, specifications, order quantity and time to do a good job, to the supplier issued a notice of Raw Material orders.

In the process of analyzing the order, the need for sales, production, procurement departments, the transmission of information between, and give a quick response.

2, multi-product orders for raw material procurement strategy

In the actual production process, the machining company orders will not only receive one, in a large number of orders, there may be a lot of orders in the product demand, and the number is not equal, delivery time is also different. Between the different orders, there will be the same Raw Material appear, resulting in the number of crossings and the delivery time cross and so on.

For this situation, we can solve the following methods:

(1) Decomposition: After the sales department orders the production department, the production department needs to prepare the relevant contents in the order according to the order requirements. For example, the contract number, order number, product number, order date and delivery date in the order card , Order quantity and other decomposition table.

(2) Classification: According to the product structure of the product list, the decomposition of each item in the individual product number in accordance with the maximum finished product corresponding to the raw material-related material number.

(3) Analysis: the same raw material number of all orders as a project, a project contains different delivery dates and different delivery quantities of Raw Material as a task in a project, according to the minimum delivery date of each task As well as the order quantity, combined with the average daily production capacity of such products, given the date of the order.

(4) combination: according to the date of the order, the project will be re-integration of the task, with reference to the same raw material order date of the total order quantity, the next period of time to include the type of Raw Material and quantity list of order quantity information.

If the rise in Raw Material occurs in the rapid development of the motor industry, it is not a problem, because the rapid growth of market demand can completely absorb the pressure brought about by rising costs. However, the comprehensive price increase in the industrial sector is not the birth of the economy improved, but because of the various policies and economic factors under the combined effect of passive rise in the domestic and foreign markets and no significant improvement in the moment, the business is really under pressure. But this price surge has also accelerated the survival of the motor industry, the survival of the fittest, compared to ordinary motor, efficient motor by the impact of rising Raw Material less profit margins larger, in the future facing greater opportunities for development.