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Principle Of Packing Seal
Sep 03, 2016

Filler loading packing Chamber later, cap screws made of axial compression, when axis and fillers when there is relative motion, as packing plastic, make it produce radial forces and close contact with the shaft. Meanwhile, packing impregnated lubricant in extrusion, formed between the contact surfaces of oil film. Because the contact is not uniform, contact position appeared "boundary lubrication", known as "bearing effect" without contact with recess small oil Groove, there is a thick oil film, contact and non-contact position make a maze of irregular, preventing fluid leakage, this says "labyrinth effects." This is the packing mechanism. Obviously, good sealing to maintain bearing "effect" and "labyrinth effects." In other words, to maintain good lubrication and proper pressure. Poor lubrication, or press too tightly will cause the oil film is broken, resulting in packed with dry friction occurs between the shafts, finally leading to the burning shaft and serious wear and tear.