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Packing Seal Leakage
Sep 03, 2016

(1) packing used is inappropriate. For example, selection of fillers are not corrosion-resistant, not high pressure or vacuum, high or low temperature resistance, etc.

(2) the packing gland is not pressed. When only a certain amount of compaction, filler of radial deformation can produce some, full shaft (valve stem) and gap fillers between the inner wall of the tube, so as to seal. When the clamping force is small, filler of radial deformation is limited, poorly sealed.

(3) the filling too thin. If the filling is too thin, when packing gland squeeze when it is able to produce radial deformation is limited, cannot have a good sealing effect.

(4) packed cut too short, the two sections cannot be closed.

(5) filler too few installation laps, not up to the requirement.

(6) fill is not installed properly. Mainly due to the packing cutting angle is too large or too small, the joint filler section was incorrect, the incision in the ring were not staggered due to packing is not properly installed.

(7) packing unsuitable lubricants or failure. Impregnated packing cord must have the well keeping of lubricants, lubricating properties and film-forming properties. When improper use of lubricants or failed, the infiltration of the filler wire is not lubricant, the space between the fibers will not get the seal, pump shaft (valve stem) rotation is not sufficient lubrication. Show packing if it is packed aging, dry lubricants have failed.

(8) save the packing or over age, aging, cracking or loss of elasticity. If filler wire itself to lose the flexibility when packing gland squeeze when the radial deformation to occur, not fully pump shaft (valve stem) and gap fillers between the inner wall of the tube.