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Our Product Inspection And Quality Control
Feb 09, 2018

1.Material inspection:

All raw materials before entering the warehouse are tested, and the corresponding raw material and physical property report is issued, which is compared with the physical report of the material. Two physical property reports are consistent with the test values before they can be put into storage.

2.Mold inspection:

After the die is completed or the die is cleaned, we will check the full size of the mold to ensure the consistent quality of each cavity.

3.Product inspection:

In the process of product production, the inspectors regularly check the semi-finished products to ensure the rationality of the process and control the secondary rate within a reasonable range.

4.Quality Control:

The quality department will carry out the inspection of each batch of products.

5.Complete inspection of finished products:

The optical full inspection machine can ensure the appearance of the product and the qualified size.