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Graphite Packing Important Parameter Performance
May 11, 2017

Packing is a kind of seal, there is a woven fabric made of fiber, it is clear that graphite packing is made of graphite bar, made of graphite material properties of the limitations, there have been a lot of auxiliary packing material, common Of the metal wire and tetrafluoro fiber aramid fiber and so on. Graphite packing a wide range of use, involving a wide range of sealed environments. Sealed packing can be used to seal low temperature liquid, acidic environment, alkaline environment, carbon water, hot water vapor and so on. Sealed packing used in static sealing, high temperature and pressure, the majority of users have been hailed as multi-functional packing packing.

Graphite packing can not only be used in static valve type, but also can be used on rotating equipment. Not only that, what are the important parameters of graphite packing? Graphite packing industry is more extensive, there are power, petrochemical, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, graphite packing is a rectangular square section, cross-section side length is generally 3mm-50mm, Length or weight calculation, special size and non-standard products can be developed.