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Gland Packing & Ring Ensure That The Items Are Effectively Moisture-proof And Isolated From The Air
Aug 09, 2017

Food and beverages are the most demanding areas for packaging applications. "

"Based on the type of product, the global market is divided into pillow bags, upright bags, flat bags, etc. Upright bags are required for the highest product type.

"Recyclable packaging and spout packaging market is based on the material division, materials, including paper, metal, glass, plastic, etc., of which, because of its light weight and sustainability characteristics of the global market has become widely used s material."

The world's reusable Gland Packing & Ring and spikes packaging market on the important manufacturers include Bima, Amuk, Janco, Bullock, Ampac, Konstan Flexible Packaging, DuPont, Modvik, Winpak, Aisol, A Bei Ya The

On the basis of the application, the world can be re-Gland Packing & Ring and pot mouth packaging market is divided into medicine, personal care, consumer goods, food and beverage, electronic products, pigments and dyes.

Sealing is the most fundamental and essential function of any package, which ensures that the article is effectively moisture-proof and isolated from the air. The word "seal" literally means that the wrapper in the packaging container and the outside world can not be exchanged at all. In fact, there is little absolute packing. Almost all of the packaging is without exception, there are sealed devices, and the success of the packaging is always dependent on its sealing performance is valid or not. The glass bottle is able to preserve long-term moisture-sensitive products, relying entirely on the effective sealing properties of the glass bottle itself. If the size of the sealing cap is deviated, if the high permeability, low barrier type material is selected for casting, the glass bottle will lose its sealing function and become useless. Sealing technology is the basis of Gland Packing & Ring, designed no matter how good the packaging, if the sealing process is not up to standard, it will make the packaging seal loss.

Food hygiene as the basic requirements of food packaging, not only refers to the food before reaching the consumer to ensure that food is not affected by external factors, and the packaging can be completed in the food consumption (non-one-time), still able to maintain health, Need food packaging with repeated closed structure. Whether it is paper or plastic, most of the bag structure, in the health and safety aspects of the common shortcomings, that is, a seal, the whole bag of food must be a complete consumption,Gland Packing & Ring which is difficult for most food packaging Done it. Some of the food on the market to do a better packaging, such as the wave of seaweed packaging, briefing wave force seaweed with a re-sealable zipper structure of plastic bags, can be repeated several times to open and closed, and thus get the relative health and safety.