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Gasket Material
Sep 03, 2016

Washer nut washer gasket in the connection between parts, typically a flat metal ring.

Non-metallic non-metallic gasket gasket with asbestos, rubber, synthetic resin, made of Teflon and other non-metallic gaskets. A non-metal jacketed gaskets non-metallic jacket a layer of synthetic resin and other non-metallic gasket gasket outsourcing.

Semimetallic semi-metallic gaskets gasket gasket made of metallic and non-metallic materials, such as spiral wound gasket, metal gasket. A spiral wound gasket spiral wound gasket by v-shaped or w-shaped section of the metal non-metallic with belt clip, spiral wound gaskets. 1) inner ring inner ring is set in the inner ring of spiral wound gaskets of metal rings. 2) outer ring outer ring is set in the outer ring of spiral wound gaskets of metal rings. B metal-clad

Metal metallic gasket gasket for steel, aluminum, copper, nickel or monel metal gaskets.

Spiral wound gaskets are made of metal (usually v-shaped steel) and non-metal strip into a circular spiral wound gaskets, metal and non-metal band alternating winding, due to its better elasticity, widely used in petrochemical, chemical, electric power industries of flange sealing structure, according to specific parts, gasket inner or outer layer with a steel ring to locate or strengthened.