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Gasket Check That The Contact Is Good
Jul 19, 2017

The well-designed and rational choice of Gasket is important for the effective operation of the gasket, but after a detailed calculation and a reasonable choice of gasket, if the installation is not good in practical applications, it can not expect his other sealing effect to achieve the desired Sealing effect; installed well managed, the life of the gasket will be shortened, so the rational installation of gasket, is to achieve the most critical step in effective sealing. At the same time in operation, for those easy to leak the joints, targeted, focused on regular maintenance, strengthen management, but also to ensure that equipment and management system is stable and reliable operation of the essential measures.

1, before installation, should check the form of flange is in line with the requirements, consult the surface roughness is qualified, there are inorganic damage, radial scoring and corrosion and so on.

2, the bolt and nut the following checks: bolts and nuts of the material, form, size, whether to meet the requirements of the nut in the screw on the rotation should be live, do not shake, for the thread is not allowed to break the phenomenon; There is a bending phenomenon.

3, the gasket to check: gasket material, form, size, whether to meet the requirements, whether to match the flange sealing surface. Gasket surface is not allowed to have mechanical damage, radial scoring, serious corrosion, inside and outside the edge of glass loss and other defects.

4, the installation of oval, human angle section of the metal gasket should be checked before the size of the face of the fence with the flange trapezoidal size of the same, the groove surface is consistent with the waist. Apply the red lead to the contact surface of the gasket to check whether the contact is good. If the contact is bad, it should be ground.

5, before installing the gasket should check the pipe and flange installation quality is the most: partial mouth, wrong mouth, mouth, wrong hole and so on.

In the use of gasket, the pressure and temperature are mutually constrained, with the temperature rise, the equipment running for some time, the gasket material softening, creep, stress relaxation phenomenon, mechanical strength will decline, The pressure of the seal is reduced. vice versa. For example, the manual listed high pressure asbestos rubber sheet XB450 in water, steam medium, the use of temperature 450 ℃, pressure <6MPa (the material for the sealing performance test, in the 440 ℃ ~ 450 ℃, 12MPa steam for 30 minutes) The

 The gasket is installed in the middle of the bushing and bushing of the sealing tape (or stationery tape), and there is no stationery gasket or sealing gasket. The inner diameter has a protruding position and is mounted on the take- The groove is engaged so that the speed of the washer is synchronized with the speed of the take-up reel, and the tape after the cutting of the main body is smoothly and neatly wound around the take-up shaft

The gasket is mounted in the middle of the bushing and bushing of the take-up shaft, not only to prevent the stiffening of the bushing on the bushing, but also to match the speed of the bushing with the take-up shaft to achieve the slit Wrap on the liner of the bushing.