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Choose The Skills Of Graphite
May 08, 2017

1、Sorting process should pay attention to the protection of large scales: large flake graphite resources, wide use, high value, so in the selection process to pay special attention to protection. Usually large scales are +50 mesh, +80 mesh, +100 mesh scales of graphite. Can be multi-multi-selection process to be protected, and the grinding of each monomer to remove the graphite in time to choose out.

2、Graphite on the grade requirements are higher, ordinary flake graphite requirements grade in more than 89%, pencil graphite grade requirements in 89% to 98%. Some electric carbon graphite requirements of 99% and so on. In order to obtain high-grade graphite concentrate, in the graphite flotation, the number of selection are generally more.

3、to understand the type of graphite ore: graphite ore is divided into earth-like graphite ore and flake graphite ore and. Earth-like graphite is also known as aphanitic graphite ore. This kind of ore graphite crystal small, the surface was soil-like, no luster, industrial performance is not very good. But this kind of graphite ore ore grade is higher, generally 60% to 80%, but its floatability is poor, after flotation, the grade will not be significantly improved, therefore, grade less than 65% of the ore, generally not mining , Grade in between 65% to 80%, after the selection can be used. Scale graphite graphite is characterized by graphite was scaly or leaf-like, ore grade is not high, generally 3% to 5%, the maximum not more than 20% to 25%. This type of graphite floatability is good, after flotation, the grade up to 90% or more, so the ore grade 2% to 3% can be mined. Flake graphite performance is excellent, generally used in the manufacture of advanced carbon products. Therefore, for different graphite ore, can not only see the level of its ore grade, but also to find out the type, and then decide whether to use flotation method.