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What is the function of the u-shaped sealing ring with the retaining ring?
Feb 28, 2018

          The action of the baffle is to prevent the "bite" phenomenon of the u-seal ring DUC and improve the sealing pressure. In high pressure condition, the double lip u-seal ring with a baffle ring is adopted, and the sealing ring and the baffle are extruded with increasing pressure. Because they are elastomer, the deformation occurred at the same time, the deformation in the first place to expand their two Angle, the deformation has been conducted between the two, and not make the "crowd out" occur ring. Depending on the material and structure of the baffle, the degree of pressure improvement is different.

           When the pressure is large enough, the baffle will also produce a "extrusion" phenomenon. Working pressure can be greatly improved after using the baffle ring of dongsheng double lip u-shaped seal ring. The working condition of static seal and dynamic seal is also greatly improved. The baffle also helps to maintain good lubrication of the u-shaped seal DUC. If a unidirectional pressure state is applied, a retaining ring is used on the bearing side, and two baffles are used if the two-way pressure is compressed.

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