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The characteristics of small section Y rubber seal.
Mar 01, 2018

Adopt small section "y" rubber seal to improve performance.

Y type rubber seal is east sheng seals company sales champion seal, rubber seal is relatively commonly used sealing material is polyurethane (PU) rubber, polyurethane rubber seal materials with high mechanical properties and resistance to high pressure and wear-resisting performance is good, and so on.The working pressure of working life and using different baffle is higher.

Dongsheng Y rubber seal is designed to meet the requirements of pressure and sealing performance by changing the section structure and size.The y-type rubber seal is a commonly used sealing ring in the hydraulic pneumatic system, and its service life and sealing performance are higher than that of o-type sealing ring.The main disadvantage is that it can only be one-way, but the sealing and friction are better.The working pressure of the sealing ring is not greater than 40MPa;Working temperature - 45 ~ 110 ;The working speed range is 0.05m/s.

What are the characteristics of y-type rubber seals?

1. The sealing structure is simple and the price is not expensive;

2. Pressure resistance, good compression resistance;

3. Small friction resistance and smooth operation in work;

4. Convenient for sealing and installation;

5. Reliable sealing performance of polyurethane;


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