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Silicone washers and rubber washers, how to distinguish between different materials?
Jul 19, 2018

Silicone gaskets and silicone gaskets are used in different application fields. Due to the different environments used, they are a phenomenon that cannot be used for a long time and have different effects. For example, some cushion gaskets are pressed for a long time and are affected by the environment. Make life greatly reduced, etc., but for the choice of materials, do you really know the silicone and rubber materials?

In both silicone and rubber materials, silicone and rubber materials can be used in the same environment, but with the physical environment and the required changes, the performance of the two materials will show a significant gap, but It takes time to show up, so in order to avoid consumers encountering this phenomenon, it is possible to prevent it in advance and judge the difference in materials. Silicone rubber products and rubber products are not well differentiated, odor problems, texture problems, colors. With hard softness and so on, it can be distinguished by the naked eye in general, but it is not safe to use it. You can use fire, the smoke is black and the pungent is rubber, the smoke is white. This is made of silicone.

At present, silicone rubber gasket gasket products have been widely used in various fields, and they are practical in different industries. It is no exception in daily life. Therefore, the judgment of materials is important because rubber is purely harmful to the human body, and the impact is not very timely. Large, but this is different for the nature of the material, and the price will have a certain difference, so the distinction between daily silicone gaskets and silicone products is more important.

Silicone material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic chemical material. It can be used in different occasions and regions. The rubber material is different. It is mainly for industrial manufacturing, electronic internal parts, and few daily necessities, so the synthetic rubber is used as the human body. The material of the contact is basically made of silicone rubber material. The good chemical stability, softness and longevity are all excellent materials. Judging whether it is true or not is an important issue!


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