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Selection of Gland Packing
Jan 17, 2018

     With the continuous emergence of production technology, the packing form of compilation is also diversified. According to the different use conditions and environment, different forms of preparation have a direct impact on the performance and service life of packing. the packing is mainly used in compiling form: hair braiding, set layer weaving, preparation, preparation of sandwich core. The preparation of the form and characteristics of the packing: 1 layer braid is woven with 8, 12, 16, 24, 36, 48, 60 and two in a spindle orbit weaving, according to packing specifications decided to set layer, generally braided 1~4 layer, without wool core layer, set packing density, strong sealing performance, but because it is set between fiber layer, layer not connected to delamination, it is used for static sealing or low speed equipment. 2, hair braiding hair braiding with eight spindles running in two weaving track, no wool core in the four corners and the middle section is square woven products, which is characterized by loose packing, but with a certain compensation effect on the shaft vibration and eccentric, only for small section packing, but the surface size will the appearance of rough packing pattern appears, structural relaxation, poor densification



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