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Sealing principle of metal wound gasket
Jan 31, 2019

Applying a compressive load to the sealing surface to create a compressive stress increases the degree of contact of the sealing surface. When the stress is increased enough to cause significant plastic deformation of the surface, the gap of the sealing surface can be filled to block the leakage passage. The purpose of using the metal wound gasket is to use the gasket material to easily produce plastic deformation under the action of the compaction load, so as to fill in the unevenness of the sealing surface, thereby achieving sealing.

Knowledge point extension:

Metal-wound gasket is a kind of sealing gasket which is widely used at present. It is the gasket with the best resilience in the semi-metal gasket. It is made of V-shaped or W-shaped thin steel strip and various fillers. High temperature, high pressure and adapt to the conditions of ultra-low temperature or vacuum. By changing the material combination of the gasket, the chemical corrosion of the gasket can be solved by various media, and the structural density can be made according to different locking force requirements.


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