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Principles of electrical conductivity of graphite powder
Sep 03, 2016

General rubber insulated, if need to be conductive so needs adding conductive material, has excellent electrical conductivity of graphite powder and lubricate release. Graphite graphite machining, has excellent lubrication, electrical conductivity, high purity graphite powder, electrical conductivity, the better. Lot of special rubber products factory conductive rubber, then added to the rubber it can conductive graphite powder do? Answer is Yes, but there is a problem, what is the proportion of graphite powder in rubber? Some enterprise with of proportion is not over 30%, this class of is in wear rubber products above of, like car tire and so on, also has special rubber factory of proportion is 100%, such of only will conductive, conductive of principles is conductive body cannot interrupted, on like a root wire, if middle broken has so also on not power has, conductive rubber inside of conductive graphite powder is conductor, if graphite powder was insulation of rubber partition has, so also on not conductive has, so graphite powder proportion less has conductive of effect I'm afraid also bad.

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