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Metal wound gasket importance
Nov 12, 2018

Metal wound gaskets are a seemingly simple and inexpensive item, but many people in the industry know that it is very important, mainly because metal-wound gaskets can provide good sealing performance and are used in many industries. An important role.

In the metallurgical industry, because of the high temperature melt flow, if a gasket of other materials is used, it is basically one or two times. Even if a special metal-wound gasket is used, it must be calculated by the design technicians in detail, and after meeting the special technical requirements, it can be used in a foolproof situation. If the sealing performance is not good in the metallurgical industry, the impact is very high. big.

In the petroleum industry, basically all oil pipeline flanges must use metal wound gaskets, which is also determined by the relatively high sealing requirements of petroleum transmission.

The country pays special attention to the safety of the pressure vessel industry, such as boilers. According to various pressures, boilers are also divided into several grades, which should be carefully separated and the requirements are different.

After using the metal wound gasket, we can feel that there is no requirement for the accuracy of the surface of the flange body. Is it rough? Actually, this is the role of the metal wound gasket.

Before the metal-wound gaskets appear, some equipment becomes the contact between the steels, which has high requirements for precision, and it needs to be smeared when used. After the oil is dried, it will be affected. Sealing performance. Then if you don't smudge it, can't you do it? If you don't apply oil, it will appear to rust after being used for a long time. With the advent of metal wound gaskets, these conditions can be solved, we can customize, you can also purchase standard parts directly.


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