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Material characteristics of graphite powder
Sep 03, 2016

Graphite powder is chemical reactions is sensitive of material, in different of environment inside he of resistance rate are will variable, is he of resistance value will variable, but has is is not variable of, graphite powder is is good of non-metallic conductive material one of, as long as in insulation of objects inside guarantee graphite powder not continuous, like a article thin as also will power of, but, resistance value is how many, this numerical also didn't a accurate of number, because graphite powder of weight not as, with in different of material and environment graphite powder resistance value also will not as. Due to its special structure of graphite, which has the following special properties:

1) high temperature graphite melting point 3850 ± 50 ℃, boiling point to 4,250, even with ultra high temperature arc burning, weight loss is very small, very small thermal expansion coefficient. Strength increases with the temperature of graphite and strengthened in 2000 when the strength of graphite 1 time.

2) electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity: conductivity of graphite 100 times higher than the General non-metallic minerals. Thermal conductivity than steel, iron, lead and other metals. Thermal conductivity decreases with temperature, even at very high temperatures, the graphite into the insulator.

3) lubrication: graphite Flake graphite's lubricating properties depends on the size scale larger, low friction coefficient, better lubrication property.

4) chemical stability: graphite at room temperature, has a good chemical stability, resistant to acids, alkalis and organic solvents corrosion resistance.

5) plasticity: the toughness of graphite, but into very thin slices.

6) thermal shock resistance: graphite at room temperature when you use can withstand the drastic changes of temperature without damage, when sudden temperature, graphite size have changed a little, will not crack.

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