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Main parameters of rubber mats
Sep 03, 2016

Product name use a temperature pressure specifications

Nitrile rubber gaskets 51 pressure <2.5MPa c ~121 c DN15~DN400

Fluorine rubber gasket pressure-30 ℃ to 200℃ <3.0MPa DN15~DN400

Natural rubber gasket-57 pressure <2.5MPa c ~93 c DN15~DN400

Neoprene gasket-51 pressure <2.5MPa c ~121 c DN15~DN400

EPDM rubber gasket <2.5MPa-57 ~176 pressure DN15~DN400

Pressure <3.0MPa silicone rubber gasket-100 ¡æ ~300 ¡æ DN15~DN400

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