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Introduction to some applications and characteristics of PTFE gaskets
Dec 26, 2018

    PTFE gaskets are an excellent sealing material. It is made of pure polytetrafluoroethylene bismuth resin, which is extruded at high temperature. It has low friction coefficient, chemical resistance, excellent sealing, no hydrolysis, no hardening, etc. It can be used at -250 °C. It can be used in the temperature of ~+280°C, which is suitable for the sealing of reactors, steam turbine generators and various shaped cans and barrels.

    Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant uses a common processing technology to create a very unique and unique sealing material. It is a white strip of pure white PTFE with excellent flexibility, tightness, creep resistance, creep resistance, high and low temperature resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, non-aging properties and self-lubricating properties. . The sealing function is outstanding, the device is very convenient to use, and it is the sealing material of the industry, such as chemical industry, medicine, petrochemical, food and beverage, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, ship and so on. The Peng PTFE sealing tape is a new type of sealing product, which is domestic and foreign. The breaking of new technology in the field of sealing, it has changed the traditional application of static sealing, is a new concept of high-quality practical sealing tape, is a comprehensive functional sealing product with a wide range of meanings.

    PTFE gasket characteristics: long-term storage will not change and no pollution. Simple device, easy to cut, with adhesive depiction. Tough and soft, easy to bend, can be a thin and wide strip when pressed. Suitable for flange face sealing of various pipe and pipe fittings. Under pre-tightening pressure, it forms an airtight, impervious entangled fine fiberized sealing material.

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