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Introduction to graphite materials
Sep 03, 2016

Graphite powder soft, dark gray; the greasy feeling, which can contaminate the paper. Hardness of 1~2, along with impurities in the vertical direction increases its hardness can be increased to 3~5. For 1. 9~2. 3. In oxygen conditions, above its melting point at 3,000, is one of the most temperature resistant minerals. At room temperature Xia graphite powder of chemical nature compared stable, not dissolved Yu water, and dilute acid, and dilute alkali and organic solvent; different high temperature Xia and oxygen reaction, generated carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide; in halogen in the only fluoride can and elemental carbon directly reaction; in heating Xia, graphite powder more easy was acid oxidation; in high temperature Xia, also can and many metal reaction, generated metal carbide, in high temperature Xia can smelting metal.

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