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Graphite powder case
Sep 03, 2016

1, refractory materials, has high temperature resistance, high strength properties of graphite and its products, mainly used in the manufacture of graphite crucible in a metallurgical industry, graphite ingot of the protection agent in common use in steelmaking, metallurgical furnace lining.

2, for electrically conductive material: in the electrical industry for manufacturing electrodes, brush, carbon rods, carbon flow tubes, mercury cathode, graphite gasket, telephone parts, television tube coatings.

3, as wear-resistant lubricating materials: graphite is often used as a lubricant in mechanical industry. Lubricant is often not used in conditions of high speed, high temperature, high pressure, and graphite-wear-resistant materials be used in (a) under very high sliding velocity 200~2000℃ temperature without lubricant. Many transport corrosive medium equipment, extensive use of graphite materials Piston Cup, seals and bearings, without adding lubricant when they run. Graphite is another metal (wire and tube drawing) is a good lubricant.

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