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    Octagonal characteristics:: 1, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, suitable for high pressure flange; 2. The seal is durable and reliable. 3. Adapt to the conditions of pressure and temperature fluctuation. We can use laser mark on oval ring or octagonal...

  • Orinseal Insulation Gasket

    Orinseal Insulation Gasket

    Orinseal insulation gasket is suitable for electrical insulation and anticorrosion of flanges in low pressure environment. The maximum temperature can reach to 200oC. The gasket is suitable for RF and FF flanges, size range: 1/2 "~48", and pressure range ANSI...

  • Spiral Wound Gasket

    Spiral Wound Gasket

    Spiral wound gasket ZCD-84 This gasket is wound alternatively by V or W shaped metal hoop and non -metal filler of various kinds of materials selected based on specific working condition. Depend on its excellent compression resilient, high-temperature and corrosion...

  • Kamprofile Gasket

    Kamprofile Gasket

    Camprofile Gasket JD-60 Made of plain metal gaskets with concentric grooves and both side coated graphite or EPTFE,etc. This kind of gaskets play much better sealing function than any other general plate metal gasket. Special used in flanges, cover, joints of valves with high...

  • Corrugated Metal Gasket

    Corrugated Metal Gasket

    Corrugated Metal Gasket JD-50 Made of corrugated thin metal gasket(normal stainless steel) both sides coated expanded graphite, EPTFE or mica. etc.It seals at low seating stress which makes it ideal for a wide variety of flange types and provides excellent sealability and...

  • Metal Jacketed Gasket

    Metal Jacketed Gasket

    BD-85 Metal Jacketed Gasket JBD-85 It is made fromNon-asbestos mill -board, expanded graphite, ceramic, etc. filler, covered with thin metal jacket, such as stainless steel, soft iron, copper, Inconel, Monel, Titaniumetc. special used in sealing spots of thermal exchanger,...

  • Ring Joint Gasket

    Ring Joint Gasket

    RING JOINT GASKET JD-80 Machined from solid metals in a variety of shapes and are designed for high pressure, high temperature or highly corrosive applications by selecting the most suitable material and shape. Our products according API 6A standard. Service Range

  • PTFE Envelope Gasket

    PTFE Envelope Gasket

    PTFEenvelope GasketPTB-85 consists of non-asbestosjoint gasket,expanded graphite gasket, etc. cushion material having exposed surface covered with PTFE envelope. Depends on excellent corrosion resistance and compression resilient. It is widely used in strong alkalis....

  • PTFE Coated Rubber Gasket

    PTFE Coated Rubber Gasket

    PTFE/RUBBER GASKET PTR-75 Consists of rubber and PTFE through unique process connected together. It has good flexibility, corrosion resistant, non-toxic and excellent sealing ability. Widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other fields.

  • PTFE Coated Graphite Gasket

    PTFE Coated Graphite Gasket

    PTFE/GRAPHITE GASKET PTG-90 Stick PTFE film on both sides of expanded graphite sheet or reinforced graphite gaskets. Cut it into different size as customers request. It has excellent corrosion resistance and compression resilient. Even under very low Pre-tightening torque,...

  • Rubber-steel Gasket

    Rubber-steel Gasket

    The product is made of rubber material coated with iron sheet. The advantages of its individual parts not only have rubbers chemical properties and also have the comprehensive strength of iron, as good sealing elements widely used in many fields.

  • Insulating Gasket Kit

    Insulating Gasket Kit

    nsulating gasket Made of metal or non metal material with serious process. As the sealing elements they are widely used in pipeline,machines as connection piece.

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